Hello, I'm Sian the Owner and Designer at Galon Jewellery.

My passion is to make the jewellery that you really want. I started making jewellery as I could never find the piece that I really wanted to match my outfits when I went shopping. The items you find on the high street rarely fitted the piece that I saw in my head to match the outfit. I know that I am not the only one as lots of my customers love the way we design pieces together. With my knowledge and your vision we get the item that you truly want to own, love and more importantly wear.

I am often asked why the name Galon. I was born and brought up in Wales and I love my welsh roots. For that reason when I started the business I wanted to reflect my heritage and my passion for jewellery. Galon is welsh for heart, what better name could I have chosen?

Please do contact me to find out more about my design service.

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Little Stoke, Bristol, UK

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