Chrysoprase - Stone of the week

Chrysoprase is the alternative birthstone for May. It is also a zodiac stone for Libra and is associated with the values of fertility and secrecy. It has a beautiful light green colour that reminds me of the sea in the shallows.

From a crystal healing point of view, Chrysoprase can affect physical and emotional aspects of ourselves. As a therapist, I like the idea that it can help to get rid of negative feelings and, as a Mum, I like the idea that it can reduce irritability. It is also said to bring good fortune, prosperity and balance. Of course, there is no guarantee that the wearer will benefit from all of these aspects, however you can have some fun finding the stone which brings you the most energy. In particular, I love using this information to choose a gift for friends.

From a style point of view, I think the colour is the perfect complement to more neutral shades. So, if you want to add a small splash of colour to a muted outfit, then this beautiful stone does just that. I have this stone in a chip form and these gorgeous sets are ready to post. If you would like to own one, then please get in touch either through my website, via Facebook, Twitter: Galon_Bling, email: or call me on 0772 0484608. If you would prefer to design your own piece of jewellery, then of course we can do that too. 😊

Please note that the stone attribute section is not proven to be a direct outcome of wearing or owning the stone. It is also not a prescription and should not be used alone to treat health problems.

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