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Stone of the week: Moonstone Now when I talk about moonstone most people think of the white variety and some may think of the sheen of the stone which can have a blue iridescence. And why not after all it is that sheen that is the reason for it’s name! The sheen and iridescence resembles the magic of the moon at night. In fact, the Romans believed that moonbeams had been caught within the stone. As I mentioned most people are aware of the white moonstone but again it has different colours. The most common that I have seen are grey, orange (peach) and blue but you can also get brown, yellow, green and pink. If you are after the best quality, then Sri Lankan moonstone that is almost colourless with a blue iridescence would be the stone you buy.

Moonstone attributes:

· Alternative birthstone for June

· Zodiac stone for Cancer

· It is said to soothe stress

· Helps to assist with anxiety

· Provide fruitful crops

· Safety at sea

· Balance yin and yang

· Helps female hormones

The stone was very popular in the Art Noveau era and the jeweller René Lalique (whose name is now synonymous with glass) made some beautiful pieces with the stone. Most of which are now in museums or private collections. This beautiful piece on the left is one of the most famous by René Lalique. It was made using Gold, enamel, chrysoprase, moonstones, and diamonds and is now housed in the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian.

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Please note that the stone attribute section is not proven to be a direct outcome of wearing or owning the stone. It is also not a prescription and should not be used alone to treat health problems.

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