Blue Lace Agate - Stone of the week

I’m not sure how many people have heard of this stone. It’s sometimes called Crazy Lace Agate.

As you have probably realised it is one of the agate family and I think it is so pretty that it deserved a blog of it’s own.

This beautiful stone was used as talisman and decoration as far back as Babylonian times. Then it appears in Egyptian and Greek history where it was for medicinal purposes. It was then used in Africa, the Middle East and into Russia. Germany has a world renowned stonecutting and polishing industry with regards to agate. You can read more about that in a blog by The Agate Lady. You will find the link at the bottom of the page.

Blue Lace Agate attributes:

· Associated with the throat chakra

· Said to help stillness due to it’s soothing nature

· Helps diminish anger especially deep anger

· Zodiac stone for Gemini

· It is thought to help insomnia and give pleasant dreams

Personally I just love the different colours of blue and white striping of the stone as it reminds me of the skies in Britain. I find it a great stone to mix with the lighter colours of denim that get worn particularly in the summer. So I wear it more often then that at any other time. I wonder what you would match and wear it with?

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Please note that the stone attribute section is not proven to be a direct outcome of wearing or owning the stone. It is also not a prescription and should not be used alone to treat health problems.

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