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Amazonite is an opaque stone which can vary from green and yellow-green to blue-green. I see it most commonly in beads as the blue-green variety. It is a mottled variation (as opposed to the stripes of an agate). Many stones will have fine white streaks within them too. Many of the most commonly available amazonite is in cabochon form or beads. They are also seen as carved pieces or tumble stones.

The name Amazonite is said to come to from the fact that the stone was found in the amazon. Another version of where it’s name comes from is that it was named after the matriarchal society of the Amazonians who are thought to have lived in 10BC. The stone was believed to decorated their shields and may have been used to help heal wounds and illnesses.


· Soothes the spirit, stabilising and calm the soul

· Enables you to see a problem from another point of view.

· Said to help the feeling of loneliness

· Protects people from electromagnetic pollution

· Stone of prosperity

· If left around the home it is said that it will encourage others to assist with household chores.

· Helps the wearer to speak with confidence

· Alternative zodiac stone of Virgo

· Associated with new beginnings

The ancient Eqyptians used this stone as well. They thought so much of it that it was used for their “Book of the Dead”. The stone was cut into tablets and carved upon. There was also a scarab ring within Tutankhamen’s treasures that was made using the stone. They also made amulets from it and the Assyrians connected it to their God Belus.

This stone has many names amongst them are the stone of courage and the stone of truth. From a Chakra point of view the stone can be used to support the throat chakra so in this case, amazonite helps us to speak the truth as well as to communicate effectively. Maybe we could all do with a bit of amazonite in our lives?

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Please note that the stone attribute section is not proven to be a direct outcome of wearing or owning the stone. It is also not a prescription and should not be used alone to treat health problems.

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