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Who can resist the gorgeous steely black colour of hematite (sometimes spelt haematite)? It’s a great stone for grounding and a great protection stone. However it isn’t just a black stone it can also be a red brown and any combination of those colours. It is the main ore to iron and it is one of the most abundant minerals on the Earth’s surface. That makes it a very reasonably priced stone.

I was always told that when you first pick up hematite, if it isn’t cold to the touch than it isn’t genuine. The name comes from the Greek word haimatites which means “bloodlike”. The reason for this is that if the stone is found naturally it is covered in rust and therefore has the red/brown colour. However the steely black colour is more prevalent in jewellery today. So the records show that healers have used the stone to stop blood flow from wounds, to stop extensive menstrual bleeding and treat blood disorders for centuries. Mind you I don’t think I would fancy being treated for that by Pliny the Elder as you had to eat the stone. I hope it was ground down first!


· Said to lend you strength

· Dispel negativity

· Great stone to help logical thinking or problem solving

· Balances self esteem

· Grounding and protective

· Zodiac stone for Aquarius and Aries

· Root chakra stone

· Helps to relieve stress

· Aids memory

Due to it’s abundance on Earth there are examples of the stone being used over 75,000 years ago. Artefacts discovered in South Africa show that the stone was and carved and milled. They think that it was used as a pigment, glue, in the tanning process and possibly as medicine and sunscreen. It has been found in the burial practices of various Neolithic cultures.

As I usually mention the Greeks in my stone of the week blogs then it’s only right to mention them again. They linked the stone to the god Aries, who you may better recognise by his Roman name Mars. He was the god of war and so soldiers rubbed ground hematite over themselves before they went into battle. Some people think that was to make them invunerable but due to colour it may have been meant to frighten their enemies.

What an amazing range of uses this stone has had. I just love the neutral colour and the sheen. How about you?

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Please note that the stone attribute section is not proven to be a direct outcome of wearing or owning the stone. It is also not a prescription and should not be used alone to treat health problems.

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