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When I first started looking at stones and what their properties were I was concerned as I read that Malachite will magnify your feelings regardless of whether they are good or bad. That didn’t sound like the best of properties. However I have also found that it is the stone for transformation. It is said that it brings you the energy and focus that you need to transform some part of your life. It will help you to remove anything that is holding you back.

The gorgeous green banded stone often reminds us of nature and new growth which is in line with its transformation reputation too. It is said to remove environmental pollution from your home and has been used by Native Americans as part of a cleansing ritual for thousands of years.


· Protects travellers and said to protect the wearer from accidents

· Aid success in business

· A stone of balance in relationships

· It reflects the inner feelings of a person whether negative or positive

· Protects against environmental pollution

· Zodiac stone for Taurus

. Transformation stone

As is often the case the Malachite was well known to ancient Egyptians. Mines in between the Suez and Sinai were mining the stone as early as 4000 B.C. It was also popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans for decoration in jewellery and ornaments. It was ground down to make eye shadow as well. It was used in the Middle Ages to protect against the “Evil Eye” and for medicine for stomach problems. Malachite was used by Russian czars for panelling for their castles and inlay work as well as for ornaments. The picture to the right is of the Malachite Room of the Winter Palace in St Petersburg. It was mined extensively in Britain at the Great Orme Mines about 3,800 years ago.

As we are all getting more and more concerned about the about of environmental pollution that is affecting our lives then maybe I have been doing malachite a bit of a disservice and I should get some in my collection.

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Please note that the stone attribute section is not proven to be a direct outcome of wearing or owning the stone. It is also not a prescription and should not be used alone to treat health problems.

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