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I wonder what you think of when the word sapphire is mentioned? For me it is the rich royal blue colour of a beautiful cut stone. If I was to think of a piece of jewellery it would probably the beautiful ring that once adorned Princess Diana’s finger and now belongs to the Duchess of Cambridge. I remember when Charles and Diana got engaged in 1980 (yes I am that old that I can remember it well) that for quite a few years after that it was the fashion to have a sapphire engagement ring. The jewellery shops were full of the beautiful blue stone.

There are in fact many colour of sapphire with pink being very popular not so long ago. In fact, did you know that ruby is in fact a red “sapphire”? They are both versions of the gem variety corundum. Therefore pink coloured corundum could be classified as sapphire or ruby. It just depends on the location it was found in.


· Traditional birthstone for September

· Zodiac stone for Taurus

· Associated with values of truth, sincerity, commitment and loyalty

· They are said to contribute to mental clarity and perception

· It is said to bring fulfillment of dreams and prosperity

· It has been used for centuries as a stone for protection

Did you know that thin wafers of sapphire were used as the first successful insulating substrate upon silicon was deposited to make integrated circuits (known as silicon on sapphire - SOS). This technology was first used for high temperature integrated circuits for NASA. It is still used today for some applications. Not only does sapphire have the excellent insulating properties it also has high thermal conductivity. It is used in high power radio frequency applications that can be found in mobile phones, public band radio and satellite communication systems. So not only is sapphire a beautiful stone but it is also a very useful one as well.

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Please note that the stone attribute section is not proven to be a direct outcome of wearing or owning the stone. It is also not a prescription and should not be used alone to treat health problems.

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